No Room to Change

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No Room to Change

Post by lola21st on Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:09 am

The dream started on the beach. I was going to change my bra and I was
trying to find a place to change. I was changing so that I could go some
place. The first place was a commercial establishment, it's not clear
if it was a hotel. It was a new building but not occupied yet so there
were no furnishings or "stuff" that would give a clue as to what it was.
There was someone at the main counter in the 1st floor lobby. The
counter was made of wood and the decor was wood. While it wasn't dark,
it was shaded like a room with a northern exposure. I found I could get
through this door and the room that I entered reminded me of a science
lab but the counters were wood instead of that black material associated
with lab rooms. While I could've changed there for some reason I
didn't, I chose a different room. Either someone was already there or
was going to be there so the room was more or less occupied. I tried to
find another room and left because I couldn't find one. When I left that
building, I found another room. In this other building, there was a
unit that I was going to use but someone was already using it because it
was her unit. I found another unit which was very modern but that unit
belonged to a young professional man. At that time I discovered that
other people from that same group had other places down the hall.

The scene then switched to an event - some type of church ceremony.
There was an older white woman who was dressed in a violet and white
woven wool suit. She was 86 years old. There was some type of
recognition celebration for her. Among the group that was assisting her
into the sanctuary was a high school friend of mine who also got saved
as an adult. I was excited that I would be seeing her. But I still
needed to change my bra and my shirt. I wasn't embarrassed that my shirt
was open and that my bra was showing, I was embarrassed that I hadn't
changed yet. I finally found a room in the church that I could change in
but that there was yet another distraction. As I was changing there
were other things in the room - glasses and clothes. It turned out to be
a really nice store. For those people who had already changed, it
wasn't worth it to go into the store but for those people who hadn't
changed yet, it would be fun to go to the store to buy things because
there was a lot of nice stuff there.

I was still trying to find a place to change my clothes and
peeked in through a doorway of someone's house or store, I think it was a
man's. He was putting up a protest at first and I said to him "You
should be lucky that you have people that want to help you create
change!" End of dream.

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