London england and marriage/new beggings

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London england and marriage/new beggings

Post by Amanda Taylor289 on Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:35 am

so I prayed for conformation on of anything god would give me before I went to bed and I didnt have anything spacific that was on my heart to pray for just anything god wantd to show me.So it starterd of I was chosen to go work in London England as like a nanny but I was to teach them and give them the gospel and teach them about god as well.I remember walking up to the front of the house I lookd up a big brown pourch with lots of big steps very wealthy and very big as I walkd up to the huge door and the butler opend it and welcomed me in the kids came to greet me this house was extravagent paintings and gold trip.I lookd down at the children they were so well behaved obviously grown up with a life time of hard dicipline being semi royalty.I remeber two boys and a younger girl and then a way older sister that was rebilious and rude.but I took care of them never really knew there parents they were always gone.I gave them there studies taught them about god and the Holy spirit how he workd in my life and one day I said lets go out shopping my bank account was full for the first time in my life I had no worries I was guna brake these kids out of there shell.I calld my friend (R) and said I need to see you please come visit me I'll send you a plane ticket and you"ll be here by the next day I opend the door and she was there I needed my friend so we walkd thru the house and talkd I askd her how her flight went and I said lets go shopping I'll buy you whatever you want and when wer at the mall we bump into this guy whos very handsome and as me and this guy get to talking we get together and next thing I know I'm back home in the states and we planning my wedding.I was asking rachel because she was already married at this point I said how can I do this I dont really even know him?is this what god wants for me?and she said well look at me I got married to someone I didnt really know and god married us quick like a month or two she was sitting in a chair and Im walking franticly.and as Im going to meet my man go get married I have me and the whole wedding party walking down a dirt road the road I grew up on walking to my wedding.I get married and then I wake up.I never really see his face but he's tall with dark hair.

This dream was strange not only because there was so much in it but years ago I wantd to go live in london and I wantd to tour before I came to christ and since then I havnt even talkd about it or prayed on I just give this to god and you and see if the holy spirit can help you and me lol thru this process.Thank you

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