now my husband is dreaming about languages and going to africa...

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now my husband is dreaming about languages and going to africa...

Post by traveller on Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:10 pm

Hi all,

My husband had a dream a couple of days ago that has elements in it that remind me of one of my dreams I had two months ago. (See link) However, in other aspects it's quite different so don't know if it's related.. I never told him the details of my dream.

Anyway, here's my husband's dream as he remembered it:

Husband himself is on a bus in South Africa trying to talk dutch to people (which is related to africaans but quite different and my husband isn't fluent in dutch himself either..) but the people in his dream on the bus didn't understand him. Only when he started to speak English (which is his native tongue) did they understand him.
Next scene:
He is in a desert country visiting people that had lived there for a generation, it felt like a refugee camp. The people there were Spanish, Greek and Russian. However they all spoke English together, my husband too when they were talking together. They all had to go through a tunnel that was cut out into bush and everyone was lining up to go through this bushy tunnel, including husband himself. My husband wanted to take a shortcut by taking the tunnel that was next to the one they were lining up for. He went into this other tunnel but it got narrower and narrower and so overgrown at the end he couldn't go through so he had to go back.
That's all he could remember.
I wonder if this talks about trips to these places in the natural or if they could be spiritual journeys where people need to learn to speak one language.. These are thoughts i've had. I hope someone can help us with the interp.
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