Grocery shopping, hair styling, gold coins, Benny Hinn, a production???

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Grocery shopping, hair styling, gold coins, Benny Hinn, a production???

Post by notmyname on Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:02 am

Scene 1

I was standing in a room (living room it seems), and there were quite a few family members (African American people - I'm one as well) in the room and other places in the house. What it seemed like was that I (or rather understood maybe when the dream started) was asked to take them to the store. There were quite a few women (young) who needed to go to the store. Now, in my mind I already pictured or rather quickly saw (maybe in a vision) on how I took everyone who needed to go to the grocery store. I even saw how some were stacking up their grocery carts full of food. I also saw that I will be able to handle taking them all to the grocery store by having two vans (and I saw the vans driving right behind each other). Vision over!

Now, I am back in the living, this time I am sitting on the floor and having someone do my hair. (In the natural, I am wearing a short hair style, and in the dream they are styling my hair with it being long). As I was sitting there, I was wondering why I am letting them do my hair, and although in the natural a person can't see someone do something to their hair as they are doing it other than to have a mirror, I could see everything that they were doing as if I was watching from behind them. Then, it switch to another lady doing my hair (this lady is one of my old friend's aunts, and also she was a praise dancer at my past church whenever she was attending there - she would join and then go because she felt that the Lord wanted her somewhere else and then she would come back for awhile and go again. Anyway, she is in her fifties or sixties and started dancing very late in her life because she said that God brought the gift of dance to her. Now, being that professional dancing is one thing I have in my background, she is not an excellent dancer. However, when it comes to dancing for God, I don't judge those movements. I just look at it as them worshipping God their way to Him).

Well, as she was doing my hair, I was able to see everything that she was doing with my hair as if I was watching from behind them (just as the lady before her). I noticed that one key point that has to be done to my hair in the natural, she was not doing it correctly and in my mind I am still trying to figure out why am I even letting someone else touch my hair other than my hairstyle who I know knows how to do it right. Plus, it was still all wrong and now being styled even worst than before with the other lady. Well, she ended up taking a break and was walking around as if she was doing something (which I didn't really see her actually doing anything worth anything), and as she was walking she was talking to I guess me and it was others in the room too, but everyone seemed as if they were doing other stuff, but not really moving around much. As she was talking I heard her say how she charges $10.00 for what she was doing to my hair and if she did more it would be a higher price (don't remember the price). So, I just got a comb and went into the bathroom and started doing something to my own hair. Anything better than what she and the other person was doing. While I was in the bathroom the door was open and I could see some more people in another room (bedroom) and they were just sitting around with very little movement as well. This living quarters seemed very small, yet had a lot of people in it.

Mood of the environment seemed rather dark and stuffy. I was never scared, but wondering why I was there to take them to the grocery store???

Scene 2a

I was standing in a huge gym (like a basketball court gym), and there was a lot of people in the gym near the walls. In the crowd, I walked up to a tall mid 40ish looking lightskinned African American male which was an officer near the entrance way of that side of the gym, and asked him something in a jokingly manner (without batting an eye - I was serious). At first he looked at me with a crazy look and shocked on how I approached him as if I knew him personally, but then changed his express and became friendly and started smiling and talking with me. Then the motion changed to me looking down and finding a certain type of gold coin (money) and I picked it up. As we were walking through the crowd, I would see money on the floor (another big type of gold coin) and pick it up. I believe that the officer said something to the fact as if I didn't have to pick up all of the coins that I saw or something to that nature, but I didn't stop picking up the coins. However, there was one that I wouldn't pick up and it was a penny (heads side up) and I passed over that one, but he picked it up. I also believe that there was another male being that appeared to be walking with us that was with him, but didn't say anything to me or I to him, yet he was very observant to what and how I was picking up the coins. (Very observant, like to close to be close). (I was very happy to find money on the floor and was even more happy when I picked up the coins).

Scene 2b

Now, I am on the other side of the crowded gym and when I looked into my hands I had both gold coins and jelewlry (necklaces, etc). in them. I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. As I looked up, there were some seniors that I saw (sitting and some in wheelchairs as well) that it seemed as if I may have saw them earlier, and they were in a certain section of the gym on the other side of the gym near the entrance way, and I was going to give the gold coins and jelewly, etc. to them, but as I was trying to hand it to them. I then looked to my right, in the center of the gym, I saw that a show was getting ready to begin. I looked at it for a couple of seconds, and than to my near left was a man name Benny Hinn (who I know him by God using him in the ministry of healing, evangelizing, and preaching. Also, introducing me in one of his books to Holy Spirit). Well, he asked me if he had told me about this play production that he was bringing here, and I responding that I he didn't, and was inviting me to the presentation, but for some reason, I knew that I couldn't stay, because I had other committments to go to. So, I looked back behind him, to hand the seniors all that I had in my hands, but the production had already started, so I couldn't really interrupt them, so I knew that I would just keep it for them until the next open time I could do it.

Well, as I was walking off, I saw the production now, turn to behind the gym (as in outside of it, but in the natural that couldn't be right, because it is a wall seperating the gym and the outside. What I saw was very bright and beautiful scenery with water around and a walkway in the middle of it that seemed to be a royal presentation and the actors of a king and queen (I believe which had red robes on them as well as gold maybe with crowns on???) were walking slowly to the other side of where the walkway ended. That scenery was very beautiful and peaceful. It was a joyous occassion in that part of the production. I don' t remember seeing anymore, because I had to go.

The End!

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Re: Grocery shopping, hair styling, gold coins, Benny Hinn, a production???

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:36 am

did any thing come to pass?
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