Waiting in line for a hot dog.

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Waiting in line for a hot dog.

Post by Christa on Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:39 pm

I was at a fairgrounds and I was hungry. I decided I wanted a hot dog. There were all sizes of hot dogs. Some of the buns were toasted...rolling on those heated rollers along with the hot dogs??????? Other hot dogs were placed in the buns and wrapped up in plastic baggies (not the ziploc kind of baggies, the non-zip kind). Those hot dogs were being boiled in water, so the hot dogs were being cooked fine, but the buns were soggy. There was something seriously wrong with the buns in this dream. I was the first person in line. There were many hot dogs, but the lady said that I would have to wait for them. I said, "OK." I waited, and waited, and waited. I was starving at that point. Next thing, my father came up and waited with me. Then a bunch of people came up and waited as well. I reminded the people at the hot dog stand that I was the first one here, because I was really hungry for that hot dog at that point. Next thing I know I was being given tortilla chips to snack on, I started passing them around telling everybody to remember to share....to take a few then pass it on (while we were waiting for our hot dogs). Nobody listened to me, they just kept taking the whole bowl full of chips. Well, I never did get the hot dog, because the dream ended.

I had a second mini-dream that I was trying to cross several lanes of traffic, to get to the other side of the major street. I had to wait for everything to clear. I was driving and my daughter was in her car seat. I waited for everything to clear , then I crossed with ease.
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