my sister's dream Repost (please help)

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my sister's dream Repost (please help)

Post by MaMa on Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:13 pm

my sister had a dream last night. the first
part of the dream is about her husband wasn't ready for his singing
team. he was suppose to go with a team of people for some very important
singing thing. he was the main male vocal. but he didn't prepare for
it. the director asked how could you not prepare for this. you are the
main vocal in the group.
my sister was at a school studying with her
co-workers from work in the second part of her dream. the building of
the school was not steady. all her co-workers and her were trying to get
all the school works done and leave the building. she saw her boss
there. he was so depressed about something. thanks!

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