Found Out My Husband Was Cheating On Me!

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Found Out My Husband Was Cheating On Me!

Post by dem on Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:56 pm


I dreamt I was in the kitchen cooking, and I hit the speaker button on the phone by accident, and I heard my husband talking to a woman on the phone. I thought it was my mom at 1st , it sounded like her. My husband asked me if I picked up the phone, and I apologized, and told him what happened and hung up. I could still hear the conversation on the answering machine, I think it might have picked it up when the person called. As I was listening to the conversation, I thought why would my husband be talking to my mom, it must be his sister. The voice didnít sound like her and it didnít sound like my mom either. The more I listened, the more it sounded like my husband and the woman had a relationship. When he came downstairs I asked him who was that on the phone. He looked at me surprised that I asked. I think I asked him was he talking to another woman, or did he have a relationship with another woman, and he started crying. I told him if he cheated on me it was over between us. He began to act nonchalantly and openly had a relationship with her. He would talk to me like we were still friends and I would ignore him. I was so angry that he had no remorse at all. I was somewhere with my husband , and I saw the other woman. She was in this famous singing group. The 3 woman in the group were practicing and I couldnít believe that the woman he was seeing was so pretty. I thought she looked way better than me. My husband was proud to have her. After the practice, I could tell she felt uncomfortable around me and she wanted to go over
to my husband and kiss him. I told her to go over there, and I left. I was looking on the computer trying to see if I could find anything on his page that gave clues to their relationship. I didnít see anything, but I believed they met online. my husband was taking our kids to meet the other woman and when I found out, I took them from him and asked him how dare he take them to meet her. I am their mommy, not her. I was going to make sure that I did everything in my power to make sure my kids never see him or her. My family didnít know what was going on and why I was being mean to my husband. I told them what happened.

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