Husband had Photos of Another Woman

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Husband had Photos of Another Woman

Post by dem on Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:45 pm

I have been having several dreams about my husband cheating on me, and I am starting to believe that God is trying to tell me something important concerning my marriage. I have been praying and asking God to reveal what he is trying to say to me. Actually, I am just putting my dreams on here to receive confirmation. I am not 100% sure if what I believe the dreams to mean is actually what God is telling me, but I know when the right interpretation comes it will resonate in my spirit. Please feel free to read the other posts I put in concerning my husband. Here is the most recent dream:

I dreamt that I found some pictures of some people, several were of this young woman. There was a picture with the woman and one of her friends; some pics of her by herself, and one picture with her and my husband holding hands. I showed my husband the pics of her, and asked him who the woman was. He told me she was no one important just some pics of people from work. I asked him if she was no one important, why was he holding hands with her in the photo. He was surprised to see that photo, then told me that that was an old photo from a few years ago. I said to him, so your telling me that you were cheating on me a few years ago? I found some recent pics of him and another woman, it could have been the same woman. The date on the back was 2010. I showed him those pics and began beating on him and crying, asking him about these recent photos.

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