Dream about two houses, bad storm near, stairs/gifts, and wooded new cabinets

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Dream about two houses, bad storm near, stairs/gifts, and wooded new cabinets

Post by notmyname on Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:25 am

I've posted this dream a view days ago (another dream board), and received an interpretation. However, I have no idea why my spirit is not at rest and feel as if I'm missing something. Therefore, I am asking for a few others to please read and maybe God might give you insight in assisting me in interpreting this dream. What keeps coming to my spirit is that more specific details are not being paid attention to, and for me not to look at it so broadly. I don't get it! Also, is there a dream dictionary book that I can buy to assist with dream interpretions?

Anyway, here's the dream. My key points that keep coming to mind are: the 2 houses, the vision regarding a big bad storm (in which I felt very concerned in the dream about - not at ease), air condition being emphasized and important, stairs/gifts, why was it a big deal that someone told me which compartment/mailbox number was mine and the person saying that it wasn't FAIR to tell me, and the number 4000.

Scene 1

It was morning time, and awoke from my sleep. My hubby was beside me as always. As we woke up (in my mind I knew that we had a choice to stay (live) in the house we just slept in or the one right behind it. Now, I also knew that the other house was bigger, so it was already understood that when we get up, I wanted him to show me the other house. I also noticed that when I got out of the bed, I looked back to see on how we were laying and the covers, etc. Then thought to myself how I didn’t feel anything spiritually wrong with this house, because I had a peaceful sleep and was not demonically disturbed as I slept that night. By the way, this was our first night sleeping in that house.

Scene 2

Now, we are looking from the house that we were standing in (just slept the night in), at the other house. It was day time outside (somewhat bright/with trees around). As I looked out at the other house (the back of that house), I saw that the house was huge and it had a big back yard with a big swimming pool. Now, that house didn’t look brand new – nor was the house that we slept in either. As I was looking at the house, I noticed how the big house’s backyard especially the swimming pool was so big that it was in the house that we were standing in back yard. There was no fence, gate, or anything separating the two yards, and I also noticed some male being presence there (I didn’t actually see him at that time) the question “These neighbors must have been real close”? Reason I asked was because it seemed as if the bigger house took up a lot of room from the smaller house. I even thought to myself as I was looking at the yard we were standing in (smaller house backyard), on how my dog “Honey” didn’t have much yard (grass) to run in.

Scene 3a

Now, we are back in the bedroom that we had woke up in earlier, and it seemed as if the bedpost was now a screen television and there was a weather man explaining the weather. I saw the map of the USA on the weather screen and he was describing how the picture of a big white circular storm was coming. (I am from Houston, Texas and am currently visiting my in-laws in Indiana for about 2 weeks now tomorrow due to Hurricane Ike. Therefore, I am use to seeing how the weather people would talk about hurricanes and how they come in and what they look like, and this was the same way, yet it was an opposite. I also remember when that section was over - how I inwardly saw snow drops. Which I am not use to, being that I have always been in the hot and humid weather).

Scene 3b

Anyway, the male presence that I mentioned in the previous scene is also in the bedroom now. We were all standing around the bed, and it was already understood between my hubby and I that we could have either house that we wanted – all we had to do was choose. However, the man in the room knew all of this house information that my husband and I was trying to decide on, and he said that “This house is the better one, because the air condition works better in this house”.

Scene 4

I was running down the staircase at my in-laws house (whom we are currently visiting for a bit due to Hurricane Ike), and I came to the end of the steps (the very last step) and picked up a gift package (pretty big package to fill both my arms), and ran back up stairs. Now, I don’t remember ever putting anything out of my hands, but I must have because when I reached the top of the stairs, my mother-in-law appeared out of nowhere and told me to go back downstairs to get my gift. Well, when I went back downstairs, I didn’t see anything, so I just came on back up, and when I did – I now saw her husband there as well, and she told me to go back down stairs to get my gift, but again, when I went down, I did not see anything. (Remember, I am still running both ways –up and down). Well, again for the 3rd time she told me to go back and pick up my gift and when I did (I never got mad or anything, nor was I ever tired), I went down and than I saw a gift on the last step and came back up, for some reason I went back down again (without anyone telling me to, and there again was another gift. (Now, all of the times I kept going up and down the stairs, whenever I got to the bottom of the steps, I realized – after the fact – that the stairs were all messed up. As in broken or a couple of steps missing, and every time I went down the stairs they got worse, but I never missed a beat, tripped, fall, or anything. I was always able to see those last two steps and get the gifts when they were there).

Scene 5

Now, I am standing in this room that had a lot of new light brown cabinets, but they were up high and stacked like mailboxes. And when this scene started, I ran and jumped up this long, narrow, platform like, because I was going to find my particular mailbox like compartment. It was very high and I was looking in the top ones, so I had to walk side to side (sideways walking), due to the narrow beamlike walkway (which was high it self). The only way you can get on it is to jump on it. Anyway, as I jumped up on the beamlike walkway, there was this female voice (a young short Oriental lady) that told me that my box was #4000. Immediately, there was this White young male yelled out about how it wasn’t fair for me to know my number, because they were responsible for filling up those compartments and they had to look into each one of the compartments to find out the number of who it was assigned to. There was a huge male being in the corner of the same room we were all in (I don’t remember seeing his face, but he was the one in charge of everything that went on in that room), and the young White male was waiting for a response to what he said, but he kept quiet and didn’t stop me. Now, I knew that my box was a bit further on the side and I would have awhile to sidewalk to, but when that young guy said that about me not suppose to knowing where it was that easy – I than started opening up the compartments that I was passing, and that’s when I noticed that the only way you can find out who’s compartment is what is to open it up. The numbers were inside on the bottom right side of the corner door. I opened and closed about 2 of them – I didn’t look at the inside of the compartment – only at the numbers. Those numbers were in the 1000’s. Anyway, in this room were also other workers that were behind the compartments that we were all standing near. It was pretty busy in this room, and the room was very bright.

The End!

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Re: Dream about two houses, bad storm near, stairs/gifts, and wooded new cabinets

Post by Jodi on Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:51 am

These are the things that came to mind as I read over your dream. I’m not sure if they are the Holy Spirit speaking to me or if it’s my own thinking, so please pray that God will confirm or refute these in your spirit so that you won’t accept anything that was just from my thinking and not from God.

the 2 houses: There are two houses of prayer. God’s house of prayer and Satan’s opposing house of prayer. I don’t remember the Scripture verses to support this, but I remember hearing my pastor talk about it. I think it might be in the book of Revelation.

the big bad storm (I felt very concerned/ not at ease): This seems like it could be spiritual warfare.

air condition: Air often represents the Holy Spirit, so the “air condition” would be vitally important.

repeatedly going up and down stairs to receive gifts: This reminds me of Jacob’s ladder with beings walking up and down a ladder to Heaven. Maybe you will receive spiritual gifts by visiting Heaven? (This is just what occurs to me. It might not be the interpretation from God, so pray about it. I hope it’s true though because what a blessing it would be!)

Why did the man think it was not fair that someone told me which compartment/mailbox number was mine?: This reminds me of Jesus' parable about the workers in the field getting mad because the boss paid the worker who had only been in the field for a few hours the same as those who had been in the field all day. “It’s not fair that she gets to know her number so easily when we have had to work harder to find our mailboxes.” Also, mailboxes are used literally for receiving messages, so they can represent receiving messages from God in a spiritual dream.

The number was 4000: I downloaded “Common Biblical Dream Symbols; Numbers” from a site, but the site’s address is not in the printout. It says that “Thousands” represent “coming to maturity” and gives these Scripture references:
Joshua 3:3-4
1 Samuel 17:5 and 33
Ephesians 4:13
Revelation 12:18 and 14:9-11

It says that “Four” represents “world, earth, creation, creative work, four winds, four seasons, four corners of the earth, rule and reign over the earth, global implications (east, west, north, & south), and territorial specific realm implications” and gives these Scripture references:
Genesis 2:10 and 41:34
Revelation 5:9, 7:1 and 9, and 13:7
Isaiah 58:6-10
Ezekiel 42:20 and 46:21
Leviticus 11:20-27 and 27:31
John 8:34
I Corinthians 15:39

My advice for dream interpretation:
* First, pray to ask God if He’ll tell you what it means.
* Next. ask Christian friends to pray to see if He’ll tell them what it means.
* Then look for any things that stuck out to your mind in Scripture. Find
where in Scripture it has that word, event, or similar experience. What
meanings are associated with it there?
* James and Michal Ann Goll wrote Dream Language, which has a small
dictionary in the back of it. The meanings given might help you
understand a dream, but God might use the same symbol to mean
something else to you if that item as a personal connotation for you. For
me, seeing a cornfield means Ohio where I grew up. Cornfields won’t
mean that to everyone though.
* John Paul Jackson has instructional CD’s that I found helpful.
* Be willing to wait for God to reveal it in His timing. Sometimes He wants
to teach us patience. (very hard to learn when excited about hearing
from Him!)
- Jodi

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