waiting to go on a flight

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waiting to go on a flight

Post by MaMa on Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:16 pm

i have been praying for my husband's ministry for a lot time. i asked God to help and protect this ministry to grow. i also asked God when will his spirit come to revive this ministry. i had a dream last night:
my family went to Paris to be a witness for someone at a local court. after we are done we prepared to go home and my husband told me the court wouldn't help paying for our expenses there. we would need to pay everything ourselves. but my husband told me everything would be alright we had enough money to pay for everything. we then went to to airport to get ready for the flight. but interestingly we haven't packed yet when we got to the airport. some staffs there came to help us packed everything into our suitcases. and something more interesting is that i was inside the bathroom doing my business for #2 and the bathroom door was wide open. so they all saw me there going #2. after i was done i took our kids to go to the check in counter while my husband needed to go to the bathroom for #2. he was inside the bathroom for a lot time. he called from his cell phone and asked me whether we needed to go on a flight now cause it would take him longer. i told him there were lots of people waiting to get on the flight (the airport somehow was packed with people). it would take us a long time before we can get on the flight. i told him not to worry.

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Re: waiting to go on a flight

Post by NeWine on Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:00 pm


God will be doing a work in you and your husband in the "inner-man". There is a spiritual process of elimination where GOd is going to be removing waste product from the spiritual food you have been eating. It will take longer for your husband. Your process will be more public, his process more private but will take longer. Your trip may seem delayed, but your appointments with God will be right on time. Your heart is in the right place during your husbands process, to have patience even though the circumstances are pressing to go. YOu will get there on God's time. Ministry of the Word will come from a life living it, not just digesting it.

-dee Newine
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