Beautiful clock

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Beautiful clock

Post by nubava on Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:07 pm

I was in an unknown room when a woman and her husband came in. They said they had heated arguments between each other and they finally decided what to do. I was quite surprised to what they said. They were either getting a divorce or moving to some other place (I don't remember exactly) and they decided to give away their things to people they knew, some girlfriends. They had prepared the gifts beforehand for them. And as they said they didnít plan to give me anything as they didnít know that I was coming to visit them in two months. So they continued that they prepared presents for other girls but not for me. I was so embarrassed to put them in such a situation that they argued other me and even was going to tell them not to give me anything, that it was fine for me but eventually they decided to give me a clock. Somehow I knew that they were going to give me that clock. The clock was beautiful, it was made of glass, it was both transparent and with multiple colors. I donít remember its shape. I was thinking where to hang it, what to do with it.
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