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Post by WarriorPrincessofLove on Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:58 am

In this dream I was with the house church group I attend. We were worshipping or praying I believe when a real live turtle put an alligator slipper through the window, right by me. I picked it up, wondering if it was 'real' and saw it was like one of those plush slippers kids where. It fit me. I saw the other one to the pair outside by a dirt road so I opened the window, climbed out and went and got it. I was wearing them around, really excited, happy, proud. It felt like they were from God, a gift of sorts. Someone even said to me that the slipper came right to me (like it was meant for me).

Later in the dream one of the leaders told me 'are you a little proud or vain?' because of how many necklaces I was wearing. I had forgotten how many I really had on. I was then embarrassed and tried to hide some of them beneath my shirts.

So I am wondering about this because wouldn't aligators usually be 'bad'? But these slippers seemed like they were sent from God and I and others felt positive about them.

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