Boyfriend's Family?

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Boyfriend's Family?

Post by cmann on Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:20 am

I have a few ideas about this dream but I'm not completely sure. Here goes!

I arrived at this house and I was in the living room. There were many people sitting in the living room having a good time but my boyfriend's mom was standing at the top of the stairs to the basement. She was holding this little girl (well, she probably was around two or three, maybe a bit younger) but the little girl was hanging upside down but it seemed as if there was no problem with that. I felt in another dream before or a time before, she has asked my boyfriend for his sperm and me, for an egg to make this baby. This was the first time I had seen the child and I turned my head upside down, to get a good look at the baby. I kept checking to see if the child's facial features looked anything like my boyfriend and I but she did not resemble either one of us.

As I walked past his mom to go to the basement, I stopped on the landing and looked back upstairs. The child was now standing with an eerie grin on her face, show two teeth in her mouth. I brushed off the feeling and continued down the stairs into the basement to find my boyfriend. The basement was huge but empty. I went inside and in the right corner of the basement was a dominoe table with a bowl of fruits (cut up strawberries and blueberries) on top. There were 3/4 stools and a television that was on. My boyfriend and his father were both watching the tv. Before I sat down, my boyfriend sat across from his father but when I sat down, he was beside me (his dad sat in front of me) and holding my hand.

His dad seemed like he was in a good-ish mood. He asked me if I wanted to come to this function we had gone to the year before. I didn't really want to go... so I said "hmmmm... when is it?" and I was planning to say no when I remembered something my mom said. My mom has said to me (in real life) that I should still go to some of the functions with his parents and him in the summer though I didn't really want to. When I remembered that, I reluctantly said "ok." My boyfriend said absolutely nothing the whole time.

I didn't get a great feeling about this dream at all.

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