Roof Dream & Couldn't remember my apt number

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Roof Dream & Couldn't remember my apt number

Post by Mariakitty on Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:51 am

I was living in this tall building near the coast. I had
gone out to the roof, (like a big flat roof deck area that tall buildings in a
city would have), because I heard people outside playing music and talking, and
it was fairly late at night.

The air outside was moist/dewy night air, I could see the people
over on the roof area adjacent to my roof area, they seemed to notice me and
began to gather up their things and go into the building, (like ok, the party
is over), but I hadn’t even said anything to them about the noise or anything,
I had just gone out to see what was going on.

I kind of followed them inside to where the elevators were
because I didn’t want to get locked out, (I suddenly realized that I had come
outside without my keys or any id, etc…)

Once inside, there was this concierge desk/security desk,
and the young woman at the desk wanted to know what I was doing there. I told
her that I lived upstairs, (yes, I had just been on the ROOF, but when I
entered the building somehow it seemed like I was down on the ground level and
needed to go UP to get to my apt). Strangely, I was having a hard time
remembering my apartment number, and could only remember the number of my son’s
condo in another state, and I kept saying/thinking, “no, that’s not it”! Then,
I told her that I live with T. D., (who in real life is my husband, but in the
dream we just “lived together” and it was "his" apartment).

I woke up.

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