What does this dream mean??

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What does this dream mean??

Post by historymaker313 on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:23 pm

I had a dream that I was dinning with a large group of people, the table
was very long that it reached one end of the room to the other. I
noticed that people from China was there and Brother Yun and what I
believe some of his family. I got up from the table and stepped on to
some steps that were part of a stage platform. I started to say I sense
the spirit of prophecy and started to speak in tounges and I felt that I
had a prophetic word. I noticed that some of Brother Yun's family got
up to go to another room to pray and I felt something was wrong and
Brother Yun started to get up and go as well. I started to call out to
him abd chase after him, I felt like I should get him to pray with me.
He grabbed my hand and we went back to the platform. I started to pray
in tounges again and he was still holding my hand and he started to say
that I am a man of God several times and when he would say that I felt
something imparted into me from the Holy Spirit as he was still holding
my hand.

Suddenly we end up on a golf cart, and we are going
through security of some place, I think it could have been an airport.. I
know it was in China and seemed as we were going through security the
favor of God was on us and they acted like they knew Brother Yun and
Brother Yun would call them by name.

We entered the building and I
knew I was there to help Brother Yun get the gospel on China T.V. I
felt something was trying to stop it from happening. We entered a room
where Brother Yun's wife and a group of chinese christians were gathered
crying out to God for the gospel to be on t.v and that the enemy can't
have his way. The energy in the room was so powerful, you could not help
but just start crying the presence of God was so thick.

And that
is where the dream ends?

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Re: What does this dream mean??

Post by Christa on Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:27 pm

I've been hearing this lately from TV preachers: We as Christians need to lasso ourselves around somebody else's Godly (established) cause in order to come into our own calling....into our own gifts/ministry.

After revelation there's always an attack from satan. Satan wants to steal the seed. I don't know if this is the interpretation of the dream, but I'm thinking that you're on to something.....and satan doesn't like it. He's going to try and sabotage you, and there are many intercessors that are recognizing this and counteracting the attack.

Keep going with your line of thought. God is the one who puts His dreams in us....He is also the God of the impossible, so He can make happen whatever He wants to, for His glory. As long as your thoughts and ideas are lined up with God's, He's always going to send you back up and reveal His power when satan begins to attack.

I hope that helped you some. God bless you.
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