2 dreams from 2 different people

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2 dreams from 2 different people

Post by anezka on Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:36 am

hi! can anyone give me some idea how to interpret these dreams?

the first one was dreamed by my sister (she often gets prophetic dreams) some 2 years ago. in the dream, according to her, she saw the person "God is preparing for me to be my mate." i was and still am single right now. but in the dream, the guy speaks to me but i sort of did not take him seriously or forgot or rejected his words... it was not that clear. then in the dream, 2 months after that happened, the guy is already engaged to a girl who is mute. there are other details in the dream like the guy's race and according to her she saw his face. she also said that he's a mighty preacher and a classmate of mine in mission school.

years after this, a friend of mine dreamed also about me and the guy that according to her is God's will for me to become my lifetime partner. in the dream, the guy is my x-boyfriend and is also engaged but when we meet in the dream he sort of realizes that i'm the one for him. hmmmm... kinda cheezy there... but please take note that in real life, i never had a boyfriend so how can i have an x-boyfriend. lol.

anyhow, is it possible that the similarity - engaged guy - is only a coincidence? it's been 2 years now and i'm still not sure what the 1st dream meant. i have prayed about it since years back but...i think maybe a little help would be 'helpful.' :D

thanks! pls. do leave a comment if you have any strong impressions about the dream. if not, then i'd please think 10x before posting because i'm also trying to be careful, i don't want to get confused. thanks so much!

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Re: 2 dreams from 2 different people

Post by lola21st on Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:38 am

The engagement may be symbolic and not literal, i.e., he's formally committed to something....

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