dream has left me very confused

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dream has left me very confused

Post by Ms. Jones on Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:25 am

This dream happened in three parts. First part: I was at home and a neighbor who is also a close friend was living across the street(she actually lives on another street of our complex) anyway I was very angry with her and yelling at her and her mother came into my house and started taking my belongings as if they were her daughters. I disputed because they were actually mine. Then I felt relieved. Her son came over and played with my son and everything inside of me was pleasant. Second part: I had a newborn baby. I knew that it was a newborn baby because she hadn't yet had her first real bowel movement. I loved her so much and was so proud of her. Even though she did not look like she belonged to me, she appeared to be possibly bi-racial or Italian, she had this gorgeous red/ strawberry blond hair and I am African American but I knew she was my baby girl. I went to my childhood church, one in which I no longer attend but friends and family do and I started showing her to my close friends. Others in the church looked down on me and I ended up leaving, after leaving I said I know why they are looking down at me because I have three children and no husband. I said I can't have another baby and not be married then the baby disappeared. Third part: After leaving the church I started heading to another town where my current church is but I wasn't going there to go to church, I was going to the town for a reason unknown to myself. Anyway I noticed I was driving the pastor's (of the church) car. I came upon an area where trees and debris were in the street and there was a lady sitting on her car which was on the side of the rode. I stopped; she asked for a ride and I told her ok. She told me she only listens to a local gospel station; before I pulled over to help her, I was listening to a love song tape which I found in the car. I was enjoying the music so this irritated me a little. We drove through the debris, while driving through I told her that she could've made it through. She said she couldn't I didnt argue but I asked her where she needed to go. She mentioned the name of the church in which I attend. I knew I couldn't take her there especially in the pastor's car because it was like I knew I had it without his permission. We came into the town; she had me drive over some railroad tracks and we almost got hit by a train. There was a lot of industrial work going on in the town, more than usual, and I found a way to leave the lady. Then I went and picked up my son and daughter. On my way I was almost hit by a boat. I got to my kids, my daughter was with a group of toddlers her age and the teacher would not let me take her. She was very rude and untrusting. She seemed to be a part of the church also. In fact it seemed to be a lot of people and activities at the church that night, I could see them navigating toward the church. I finally got my daughter but one of the aids said she was ready to go and asked me for a ride. I didn't want to but agreed. We began to leave after I secured the kids in the car. On our way out of the town, she spoke with someone on the phone and asked them if someone was looking for us because we kept running into obstacles. First we seen a camera flash (it seems as though the pastor took the pic and wondered if the car i was driving was his). Then it seemed to be a live electrical line. And finally an ambulance with no sirenes just lights almost ran into us while we waited for the turning light to change. Dream was over.

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