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Post by DaughteroftheKingofkings on Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:33 pm

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was standing in what appeared to be a private outdoors cafe area. It was surrounded by lavish bushes, trees and an extremely green meadow. There were glass tables with cast iron chairs set about the courtyard area. I could tell that there were at least four people per table, but didn't pay much attention to them.

The next thing I knew, I was standing next to something on my right that was hanging in midair. I turned to see what it was. At first I thought it was two oriental rugs, but then the image became clearer. The first item was the American flag. The red stripes were a dull red and the white stripes were grayish. The blue square and white stars were brightly arrayed. I looked to the top of the flag and it appeared to be at least six feet above my head. When I looked toward the bottom of the flag I could see that there was a serated tear in it. I remember asking myself why anyone would do such a thing and allow it to be hung.

As if my thoughts were known, I could hear several people laughing at my disgust. I turned my head to look at who was laughing. I saw an Asian man, with black framed glasses and a bald head looking directly at me, laughing hysterically. I turned away from him and started to look at the other item hanging next to the American flag. I instantly knew that the other item represented Taiwan.

At first the image was of a flawless flag with a zig zag design and a square in the corner, yet the symbol was changed to Chinese lettering. As I began to look at the flag more closely, its appearance changed. The flag had serated tears from top to bottom. I did not like the feeling I got from that. Dread came over me and I knew this meant trouble of some sort.

I woke from my dream at that point and could hear within my spirit that the dream had a connection to China. I immediately went to my computer and looked up the flags of Taiwan and China. The Chinese site showed a flag exactly like what I saw in my dream. It had yellow zig zags in it, but the square had the sun with the twelve points. The site indicated that this flag was called a civil flag, otherwise known as a war flag.

I then went into an End Times Ministry site that I get newsletters from and scrolled through the World Event section. I found an article that pertained to China's anger with the US for distributing arms to Taiwan. I was not aware of this issue prior to this dream.

I know that the US is virtually at the mercy of China because of all the money we have borrowed from them. Could this be a warning of how China will try to dominate the US and other countries in the near future? I just know in my spirit that I feel the need to intercede more fervently now.

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