2 ways, sofa and train

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2 ways, sofa and train

Post by Grace010 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:56 am

in this dream i saw myself walking underground and there were two ways. the way has been separated with lots of sofas in the middle.
first way: there are a lot of people who walk in this way and second way: there are only some of people who can walk in this way.when they are walking, they need to hold on the sofas to be able to walk in this way. this way looks very scary and it is near to the chasm. if they are not carefull, they can fall into chasm.
because it looked very scary, i chose the first way. at the eind of this way, i saw a train and i joined to travel by this train. First i sat together with train staffs. after that i stood up and started to find another sitplace in the train. at that point i was carriying luggage. i was passing smoking room and blue sitplaces. does it mean that i will be on travelling? pls interpret it through the leading of Holy Spirit.

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