Packing Dream; Confusion and Forgetfulness

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Packing Dream; Confusion and Forgetfulness

Post by dreamer777 on Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:21 am

Dream 1:

I was in a hotel room that had a large unmade bed with a large, open suitcase on it. I was confused about why I was there and where I was going. I knew I had a flight, but I had no idea when and no one would tell me. I went "downstairs" which ended up being the airport check-in station. I asked about my flight and presented my ID. I noticed that the ID was old, tattered, and expired. They took it anyway. I said, "I think I am on Continental." The man said, "You are not on Continental," and handed me a piece of paper with the itenary on it. I continued to try and read what was on it but the writing was blurry and I could not read it. Suddenly I was back in the hotel room. I didn't know where I was going but I was packing. The large suitcase was fairly simple. Then my sister was there and handed me a smaller suitcase. It had nothing in it but three black boxes that appeared to be a part of the suit case. I worried the airport would be suspicious if I took on an almost empty suitcase. I was thrilled to find a stack of clean, neatly folded pants and a pair of boots. I then tried to figure out what time I should leave but I kept getting distracted. That is the end of that dream.

Dream 2:

First, I was in a room I did not recognize. A baby was in this room and there was a crib along one wall and a soft thing that was a cross between a child's blow-up swimming pool and a foam bed mattress. The baby was dressed in pajamas. I recognized the baby as belonging to my sister. Next, I went into a room to find several women standing around watching a group of babies sitting on the floor dancing around to music. I noticed that a couple of the babies were strangely small but were sitting up. One of the women explained that some women bring a doll if they don't have a baby of their own. I picked one up and it was a small doll with big blue eyes and a vinyl body and head. I put it down and felt a bit weirded out at the strange behavior from adult women. Next, I went downstairs and realized I was in my mother's house. Numerous extended relatives were there. No one said why they were there and although a couple of people said, "hi" no one really talked to me nor I them. I decided to go for a run really quickly--like 20 minutes or so. I went to change clothes and by the time I left the house every family member had gathered in front of the house as if posing for a picture. No one asked me to be in the picture and I was still unsure what was going on but I thought, "Oh, my uncle must have died". I decided to go ahead and run. Suddenly, even though I did not go far, the sky darkened and it began to rain. Although I was not far from the house I somehow ended up in a trailer on the property of an elementary school. As I was leaving I tried to lock the door but there was no lock. I shut the door and checked to make sure it was closed completely. I went back to the house thinking I would change clothes to attend the funeral but no one was there and the house was completely dark. I started to go up the stairs because somehow I realized my sister and her daughter were up there, but there were two tubs blocking the way. I moved them but there were open bags of cereal that dumped out. I went into the kitchen to get something to clean it up. My mom was alone in the kitchen, standing by the stove and appearing to be lonely. The light was on in the kitchen.

Any thoughts? I am praying about this because I believe there is some meaning. The Lord gave me Isaiah 29 yesterday. I am asking for more insight. Thanks!

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Re: Packing Dream; Confusion and Forgetfulness

Post by hind'sfeet on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:11 pm

Well, I can say that God does not give us a spirit of confusion! Maybe something in your life is causing confusion caused intentionally by the spirit of confusion?
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