Someone else' Newborn baby turns into a Diamond and then back into baby, My Newborn baby speaks and delivers itself/cuts it's own umbilical cord

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Someone else' Newborn baby turns into a Diamond and then back into baby, My Newborn baby speaks and delivers itself/cuts it's own umbilical cord

Post by hind'sfeet on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:39 am

When I was sleeping I saw a large pregnant black lady in the hospital hallway sitting on a gurney. She was in desperate need of a doctor but no one was around as they had left her there. She started screaming "It's coming"!! She had on leggings. Her baby just came out and the leggings saved the baby from falling. Before that I saw another pregnant girl and when she gave birth I saw the baby turn into a diamond and then flashed back into a baby.
Then I met one of the girls and told her about what she would experience. She was big but didn't look like the black lady I'd seen and thought maybe she's the one with the diamond so I told her what I had seen about that.
I was pregnant and was somewhere like a school. I didn't get very big at all.
I was on this bed, my parent's bed which made me feel gross. There was spray bottle of bleach that fell off the nightstand and I put it back and there were some blue rubber gloves. I had a note about my baby that I or someone had written, folded on the bed stand. On the note was the babies name Cordrey or Cordry and some amazing things that I don't remember.
The doc. came in and asked if I was ready and that the baby is ready and I said I wasn't having contractions and I was worried about the baby cause I hadn't felt the baby move the entire pregnancy. the doc felt my stomach and said he felt slight movements and the baby just isn't very strong". I said that my other son (irl) was very strong. I put my hand on my abnormally small belly and felt around and then there he was with his head down and ready like the doc said. I rubbed the babies back and started talking to him "hey baby, I love you". The doc is ready and in good spirits. I guess he's giving me a seasection because the baby is coming out of a slit at the lowest part of my abdomen. I ask the doc if I should cut the umbilical cord and he says firmly "No, don't do anything". Well, the baby sits up out of the slit and starts talking and I'm amazed and he has some scissors and cuts his own umbilical cord. I'm totally amazed now but the doc isn't. He doesn't seem too happy about this and cooly abandons me because the job was done. The nurse is very kind and happy about the baby. I try to talk to the doc hoping he would turn back into his happy former self but I only got a cool unconcerned response. He left and I went back to the baby.
I asked the nurse if he wasn't going to get paid cause he didn't cut the cord and deliver the baby. I told her that the baby had cut the cord and delivered itself.
So I had a tiny baby genius who could already talk and had developed hand/ey coordination. Then I went back to the paper becaus I couldn't remember what his name was to be. I was Cordrey. I read the paper and was amazed to see that it said what the baby would do. Apparently the baby had a donor father because I was thinking about why the baby was so mentally developed. So, the father was some genius who rubs elbows with the rich and famous. He was quite a character with afro like blonde hair and was not a very handsome middle aged man.
As the baby got older I was feeling very badly for my first son because the 2nd had all the smarts. Someone told me that my smart son is my favourite which upset me because my 1st son was very special to me.
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