guilty about wanting to eat swans?!

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guilty about wanting to eat swans?!

Post by hind'sfeet on Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:40 pm

This is the bad dream I had this morning I didn't want to post.
I had a dream where I was telling someone that I love eating duck, and goose and I would love to try swan, and how there would be a nice piece of meat between every vertebrate of neck. The person acted like I had committed murder and I felt so embarrassed to the point I thought the police were going to come after me.
I was then driving around a neighborhood with one of my best friends (someone I grew up with IRL) and dogs were all over the place. They were vicious dogs running around and I found a small annoying dog with a chain for leash and it had a broken sign hanging from it's collar as if were dog tags. I tried to find were it lived but that was thwarted by black and white cattle that had gotten loose and some were having vicious fights in peoples yards.
When I woke up I noticed I felt like I was low on serotonin. I used to take serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and know what the physical "withdraw" feelings feel like. The feelings are VERY unique to serotonin.

This dream was after the people playing in dangerous ocean tides in or out dream.
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