Part One, Two and Three Dreams about girl: (Any connection w/ all of them)?

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Part One, Two and Three Dreams about girl: (Any connection w/ all of them)?

Post by knight63 on Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:17 am

Here are the three dreams i have had concerning this girl in the past two weeks. The first two dreams concerning her specifically are not that encouraging but i believe a warning for her. I may be here to help her through or go together in her time of need? But last night i had the third dream about her in which in real life last night, i asked God to please stop giving dreams about her, because i did not know if it was me and/or the dreams were saying where she was at and it was a warning dream. Well, God gave me another dream last night about her. These dreams are listed in the order i had them and if anyone could connect/tie in the three dreams together that would helpful because there are similarities involving/connecting all three. Sorry for it being so long...but thank you for all your responses!

Dream One: I was driving in a car with a girl that's my friend, she was driving and I was in the passenger seat. She was on her cell phone and what seemed to be arguing and upset about something. It sounded and looked as though she was crying when I looked her but she was not. She was
talking on her cell phone with her left ear. We were driving in the north I felt, and I remember looking around and seeing plains/small hills. It reminded
me a little bit of home, which used to be Pennsylvania.

Dream Two: I was with a small group, maybe three or four and we were behind a large group of buses. We were not in a vehicle but standing behind all these buses. So we start to have a race and try to get the bus closest to the front. We were zigzagging through the parked buses. I believe they were all empty and they were the usual color yellow. My brother, my friend and I ran all the way to the front of the buses and we were the first
ones there. Now in front of the buses were what looked like the triangular part of the front of an old-fashion steam train? I cannot remember if I won out of the three of us but I took the bus that was furthest and in front of all the buses. So I tell the guys to take the bus right across from me but not quite in front. As I lay down on the medal triangular piece in front, there is slushy ice all over it and I remember wiping this off so I can sit on the metal.

So we are now traveling, but I do not know where and I remember being covered up with a comforter on the way there, hence us being outside. The second part of the dream, there is this friend whom is a girl that was at the beginning of the buses, she was really first and it looked like she was traveling on a concrete slab or one of those parking lot concrete beams. I cannot remember if she was there before we got to the front of the buses or after we arrived? I think she was already there. She had a lot of questions but I cannot remember them all. Basically she was wondering where she was at and was calling someone else to let her know how far she/we were. But I stop her and say, I am right behind you, that should tell you where you are at and she you're right. After that, I remember her putting things in what looked to be a lantern or something of a similar shape for her to hold things in. This was the dream.

Dream Three: As well as all the two other dreams I have had concerning this girl that I know involving a car, buses, and a car/vehicle again.

I remember traveling in a car but I do not remember anything else concerning that but I feel that there was traveling in a car. The part that I do remember was she was at a house, I remember it was night time, I was somewhere else, and it felt as though she was on a ministry trip. (In real life, we work together (same department), live nearby, go to school, etc.) She was with other students that I did not see in the dream but I knew they were there/present.

Throughout the night, she kept call me consistently about not so important things that it began frustrating me. I remember looking at my cell phone caller I.D. as my phone rang with her name on it. It was very pleasant at first to have her keep calling me and I felt really good/special in the dream. This felt good at first even though I cannot remember why she kept calling me. Maybe she missed me, needed my support, etc? However, I do remember her calls after that; they were calls that were starting to hurt me personally. She kept calling me because where she was staying, she must have had some of my personal belongings with her and she was giving them away and it really began to not only frustrate me from her calls but hurt me in a deep way. As she would call me each time, she would say for instance that people would be doing things to my stuff each time. Now in the dream it was simple stuff like using my pens/crayons but I literally played it out in my mind that the crayons/pens were brand new or good condition and someone was taking them and using them and it really hurt me. So after so many phone calls from here which were probably/maybe four to five, I say to her these words, “Even though I really enjoy you calling me (with frustration and hurt in my voice) you do not need to call me all the time.” The conversation became very awkward and uncomfortable, and then the dream ended.

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