Yogurt turning into ice cream and me having to serve it..

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Yogurt turning into ice cream and me having to serve it..

Post by traveller on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:32 pm

Earlier in the same night I'd had a pretty vivid dream about me being on trains, going to a wedding, praying for healing with a whole bunch of church people on the train and talking about how to have faith when one prays. I don't know if that one is related to this one about the ice cream, but as it's a bit long i haven't included it.

I saw frozen yogurt that had all gone curdly(that's what happens irl too when u try to defrost yogurt). I was asked to serve it to some people that were waiting for it in their car. Felt like i was next to one of those food vans that they use for selling all kinds of food from. Anyway, i don't know who asked me to serve it, i looked at the frozen stuff and noticed the curdles. I told the people they couldn't have that as icecream (as that's what they were waiting for..), but whilst they were waiting, I started stirring the yoghurt with an ice cream scoop and it started to become nice icecream.
Then I started serving it up unto a plate, but this took me a while for some reason: I put on nice round scoops and all kinds of stuff on it as topping. The topping I used was whole hazelnuts, sprinkles, sugar, salt? and I was supposed to put chocolate sauce on but I didn't or forgot. After I'd put it onto a plate, I took it over to the waiting car and gave it to a girl who sat in the back of the car. She had to pass it on to the other people in the car, but she liked it so much, she kept it to herself, whilst the others had to wait for the next serves. They all really wanted the ice cream now, after seeing the girl have it, so they all came out of the car and sat around a table where I was serving. Because I'm taking so long, the ice cream is getting a bit soft and I can't make the perfect scoops anymore. So, I then just serve out big lumps of it in bowls. I still put all the toppings on it, the whole hazelnuts, sprinkles, sugar and salt and wondered why ice cream needed salt, but i put it on anyway. I still didn't put chocolate sauce on eventhough it was on the table to use if I wanted it.

I hope anyone can help as this one's a bit of a mystery to me. Thank you!
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