Strangers for friends, police in my kitchen, candycanes and a knife

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Strangers for friends, police in my kitchen, candycanes and a knife

Post by LearnerDriver on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:31 pm

Hi there,

Just wondering about a dream I had. I have bits and pieces of the dream however there are a few holes and was just wondering if someone could fill it in.
Ok, I was down the street from where I live now when some ppl I didnt know told me to take a car of theirs and pretend it broke down in the middle of a street. I dont know who these ppl were but it was like they were old friends and thats why I just did what they told me. I had a feeling like it was meant to be a practical joke on someone.
Anyways, I did it, but the car really was broken down (lol) however I didnt really care as it wasnt my car. Then the ppl disappeared and the cops appeared lol. Then I was back at my house in the kitchen with the cops and they were instructing me but I cant remember exactly what it was they said. I was very happy they were there, in fact I was quite elated, just really happy they were there, Anyway, they were serious the whole time. Then I walked into another room to grab some bags of candycanes to give to them. I had 3 big bags, but I grabbed 2 of them and hid the other one, then I gave the 2 bags to the 2 cops as a gift. But then they found the 3rd bag anyway, and they didnt really accept it but they didnt shove it back to me. I got the feeling the cops were gonna take them all of me and instead they warned me about the candycanes. And when I asked what was wrong with them, one of the cops pulled out 2 knives, and one knife belonged to me, then with his knife, he CUT the blade of my knife in half and inside the blade was dirt. I remember being grossed out by the dirt. Then I woke up.

So I was just wondering if anyone knows what the candycanes might mean, and the knives. I know at the end the dream goes really weird like I asked about the candy canes and he shows me something about the knives. Im not sure how those 2 things are related at all. I read on this website that the cops represent authority, or God etc, and that would explain the elation I had in the dream as I love it when Im with God.

So if anyone can help out, that would be great. Great site too,
God Bless everyone in Jesus Name!!

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