running for new bus....beagle with piercing blue eyes....(short)

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running for new bus....beagle with piercing blue eyes....(short)

Post by angelwingz on Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:16 am

ok, here we go again, Im in a bathroom at school, with a friend named
Tammy....there were things happening in this bathroom secretly that
should not have students becoming intimate in
stalls...I see what looks to be the Vice principal of my daughters high
school in the background - but fully aware of what is going on...He was
behind a wall...then we were late for the late bus...but when i went
outside to just look around i see all these elementary kids on school
property like the school was just let out, it was sunny, i felt like a
little kid again, Someone said to me we missed the bus...and then
another student said why dont you take the new bus? im thinking I went but tammy stayed behind for some kind of class.....(I
think) so i headed in front of the school to see if there was a bus and
I saw one so I remember looking down as I went up a few steps....i saw
someone had a cast on their foot, i said excuse me and they moved their
foot...then as I got to the top of the steps ready to find a seat I see
this beagle, seemed like a friendly dog but when I focused on the dog i
noticed he had peircing blue eyes which even in my dream I was startled
by the blue eyes. so this dog is right in front of me and I am standing
along the side (on the inside) as the bus starts to move . The end.
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