hospital attack

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hospital attack

Post by unfailing_love on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:13 am

i was in a hospital with a close friend of mine and a few more people. someone was suspicious that there were armed people and when i looked through a window some employees jumped out and shot through the window. we ducked and the the bullet turned into a gasy chemical in the was unsafe so my friend and i found a secret passage and went downstairs to the garage where there was a hidden hospital. i realised i had left something behind and i told my friend to go but she said it was something i had to do so i went back and got it. then in the safe hospital below i saw a friend of mine pregnant ( who has the same name as a woman from my chrch who is actually pregnant) , a 6 year old pregnant even though irl she is younger, in my dream i knew she was 6(who is the daughter of another pregnant lady in my chrch) and another man in my chrch said he had had a miscarriage( his wife is actually pregnant irl and the pregnancy is going fine)
i had this dream 2 months ago but im curious as to what it could have meant.

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