Three dreams about the upcoming birth of my child

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Three dreams about the upcoming birth of my child

Post by taraleighdavidson on Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:27 am

I am pregnant with my third child - a girl - due February 14th. (I have two other children - a girl and a boy. Both were underwater home births in my hot tub. They are amazing children.) I did not have dreams with my first two children. This one I have had three dreams in the last two weeks.

In my first dream, I am having contractions in the hot tub. All of a sudden, a mountain lion leaps onto the edge of my above ground hot tub. It stands on the south side of the hot tub with it's right side facing me and turns it's head to look at me, flicking it's tail once. I am lying in the hot tub facing south. In my dream I am not sure if I should be afraid. I remember thinking, "Should I be chasing this mountain lion off or if I was Native American would I think this was a good sign? Is it going to eat me or is it waiting to eat my baby or is it just interested to see the birth of a great child and I should be somehow naming the child after a mountain lion?" Then I wake up.

In my second dream, I am in the hot tub (literally this time), having some contractions when I must have dozed off. It is night time. All of a sudden, I see a great horned owl (the light brown, black markings kind) swooping down towards me in the hot tub with wings outstretched from the east side. I am lying in my lounge chair in the hot tub facing east. The suddenness of the owl's appearing startles me awake. When I open my eyes, the details of the dream are accurate - I am floating facing east and the pillars of the back porch are in the correct spot but, of course, there is no owl.

In my third dream, I am outside with my children on the back porch when my daughter, whose name is Courage, finds a very tiny feather. She says she found it near the hot tub. I tell her that it must be a hummingbird feather. I tell her I am going to stick it on my necklace and it will bring me good luck. I remember thinking in my dream, "I don't really believe in good luck - only preparation - so why am I saying the feather will bring me good luck?" Then I wake up. Incidentally, in my dream and also in reality when I was dreaming, I was wearing a beautiful, exquisite necklace made by a Native American in Palm Springs named Princess Thunder Star. I don't think I've ever dreamed about animals before.

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Re: Three dreams about the upcoming birth of my child

Post by daphanie02 on Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:35 am

the only thing that comes to my spirt is "great and mighty".

i dont know if its about a great and mighty birth, lol, great and mighty child, or whoever is there to witness the birth is great and mighty. lions sometimes symbolize courage and strength, and owls wisdom..but for some reason i feel like this particular owl symbolizes power.

I just had a baby on Christmas Day and i had a prophetic dream about my had a beast in it that was eating me up to my hips! it was terrifying, but it was only about the pain i had during labor that went up to my hips.

I feel like the third dream ties the first two together..Like the Lord is telling you to take courage because he has prepared you for this in advance....

wow! what a strong woman you are to take on labor in a hot tub! I had an epidural and thought i was gonna die! HAAA!! Props to you sweetie!

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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