Pizza pie and people of god

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Pizza pie and people of god

Post by Amanda Taylor289 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:11 pm

From what I can remeber I was laying in my friend R's bed I was sitting up in the bed on the side next to the window and R was curled up next to me crying and the man who was prophecied to be R's husband(G) walkd in. he went to the end of the bed and leaned over the bed and got right in my face and said "watch what I'll do for her" in a very sweet and calm voice I watched in amazment R never looked up and he went to the wall and took a key and started carving in the blue wall then came by the window and carved something else and than walkd out then a man from our church who he is close with walkd in behind him and carved something in the same spots and walkd out.
Then R and I walkd down stairs and she was still crying and upset and I was holding her back and walking her and the man G walkd up to me and handed me a box of pizza and said "here I give this to you".I opend it and ther was two peices missing but it was stil a whole pizza he turnd around and sat back at the table and began to eat another pizza.
Then the second dream I was walking with my friends on a dirt road and my friend T said wow Amanda your house is so close to the church we were all walking in a line me T, R and her ex husband Z and our little youth friend L.T took me by the hand and I lookd back and R and her ex Z were walking he was holding and caressing her and she lookd miserable I walked up to them and R grabed me and said Amanda "get me out of here" so we ran out and Z waved and said bye I'll see you in a, R and little L took off R left her car keys with Z so R jumpd in the white church van with L and they started to take off without me and R was freaking me out screaming and waving her hands while she was driving she was really angry I started running after the van and jumpd on the side holding the window while she drove off holding on and trying to go L was laughing in the back and I askd R why would you take off without me and she just kept screaming saying you take to long to go so I was going to leave you and I woke up.

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