Dream about a muddy shoe/phone call

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Dream about a muddy shoe/phone call

Post by dreamer777 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:35 am

Last night, I woke up abruptly after two visions. The first, a man at a window. It was a pleasant sight at first, and then I felt angry at him. I was still thankful and woke feeling I should pray for this person. The second, I was in a long, stone hallway lined with basins and cabinets. I was struck with how clean it was. Although there were no windows it was filled with light. I was on my knees praying with my head lifted and my hands held up level with my head. I woke up saying something that sounded like t prayer of thankfulness.

Next, I was in some type of park and I saw someone that I knew in the dream. She was with two children, a girl and a younger boy. The boy appeared to be perhaps two or three. He was in a stroller and the woman was allowing him to drink coke from a bottle. In the dream I was appalled at this and could not believe she would allow that.

Suddenly, I was in a house that I believe may have been near the park or the field where we were. I noted that there were two white houses next to each other. In the dream I could not see faces of those I spoke with but I was expressing my doubts about my calling someone who had asked me to call them. They urged me to call, but before we could finish the discussion, a man called and said he would be somewhere I would be and we could talk there. I knew the person with him was a witch and I could see their faces as though it were a split screen. I was very uncomfortable with the thought of seeing this woman or even talking to her on the phone. We then sat in the living room. A little girl was with me then and we had a bowl of popcorn. At that point, the other two people were sitting in two chairs opposite of the couch the girl and I were sitting. Suddenly I realized I was missing my left shoe. I proceeded to go to the other house to get it.

I walked down two stairs and across stairs. Although the sky was clear blue the area near the stairs was all muddy. The more I tried to get it off, the more my foot got stuck. I went inside to the bathroom where a tub of warm water was waiting. My left foot remained clean. I dipped my right foot in and gently cleased it--shoe and all. I noticed that my black pants became white and that that the right hem of the right leg remained wet. I put on the other shoe. There was a person in the hallway that I do not know, I just was aware of them. Neither of us seemed alarmed or surprised to see each other. The dream ended.


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