My horse dream

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My horse dream

Post by dadsdreams on Wed Jan 27, 2010 5:07 pm

I have read recently that those who dream dreams usually are often not gifted to interpret them. According to another site I would be considered a "seer" as most of my dreams are vivid and full of symbolisim, although I have had several dreams come true, including my father's death. If someone could interpret this one it would be much appreciated. Thanks ( I had this a while back and I copied and pasted it here since I wrote it down soon after having it).

I became aware in my dream that I was in a large open area of country with a road that went from left to right across my field of vision and a intersection of another road that joined slightly to my left and went at a 90 degree angle from the other road which went off into the distance till it disappeared across some hills. The whole country as I looked around was green like farmers fields of grass but much darker and lush. The sky was dark and had a greenish-charcoal tint to it except for the portion in the east ( where the intersecting road went off in the distance). That area of sky was a deep pinkish-orange that seemed to glow dimly on the slick black road surface. It appeared to have just rained. Behind me (I was facing east) the sky was a deeper black like a storm had just passed or was coming towards me-I couldn't tell.

It felt like I had just transported there and yet the place felt familiar. Behind me there was a type of ranch style home but I didn't really get a view of it to tell what type it was.

I heard voices around me talking calmly about something-the weather maybe. I was hearing the sound of hoofs clapping on the wet and hard road and across my path a white and grey horse* was trotting from the road that lead east and across the left front of me towards my right. The horse had light and dark grey patches on it's body that looked like soot or charcoal and especially around it's mouth and hoofs. I felt a heightened sense of awareness. I couldn't see at first what the horse was doing. Then I saw a small dog, seemed like a beagle type of animal as small as a puppy, running briskly ahead of the horse as if the horse was chasing it. It didn't seem to go very far before it made a quick turn back towards us. The horse also circled around, though not as close a turn and began to trot back towards the dog. At first it seemed as if they knew each other and were playing some kind of game. suddenly the dog broke out into a faster run and the horse too picked up speed as if it was getting tired of the game. Before anyone could even imagine it the horse reached down with his long head and bit the dog in the rear grabbing it in it's mouth. Horrifyingly, the horse shook it up in the air and swallowed it whole. The horse slowed to a slow trot as it continued swallowing the dog. You could see the horses neck expand as the dog slid down it's throat and into it's stomach. As the horse trotted past you could see the dog still kicking in it's stomach and then suddenly stop moving.

After this I looked futher to my left and slightly in a field across the road were two women that had the appearance of being mennonite of amish. The older one in front who seemed fairly large, stronger and bolder than the other came out into the road ahead of the horse and said-"you give back my dog!" At this the horse made a quick turn and briskly trotted back the other way. The woman followed and seemed to be carrying a stick similar to a wooden broom handle chasing it. I stood there as they both passed me and looked at the sky which seemed to grow darker and more ominous with the appearance of looking almost like night.

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