God turns trash into masterpieces........

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God turns trash into masterpieces........

Post by angelwingz on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:26 pm

I'm in a car, decorated with a red curtain in it(i realized this would be in a house) but this car was connected literally to a workshop where I worked...I seemed to live, travel and work in this car. I also noticed spanish men in the workshop..that I worked with..one name stuck out OSCAR. I was in the workshop standing before a big glass compartment...there was a lever to my right..I was working and when I finished working it looked like wet toilet paper and trash or just trashy...but when I pulled the lever to complete my work....a platform brought this work down and back up again and when it came back up it was totally changed!!! It was a masterpiece, so colorful and i was amazed by it. My message....GOD CAN TURN TRASH INTO MASTERPIECES....(in my mind I thought ok, then I shouldn't worry)
When I looked up the name Oscar it said God's divine spear.......... Can any one help me pull this together?
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Re: God turns trash into masterpieces........

Post by Halo on Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:10 pm

Angelwingz~ It appears as if the everts that are being done on your part at this time are not being done in nought and in vain. Nothing is impossible with God, Amen. The fininshed product is a work of the Lord working through and in your life pertaining to the inward parts (mind/heart). The devil is liar and the father of it...(trashy work). It appears that the master has been working on some O-Scar's....meaning a healing!! Your co-laborer is Jesus Christ. The reflection of the finished product is you (standing in front of the glass compartment). The work that is being done in you through experience is going to help others. Be not weary in doing good my friend. God Bless~

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