A Dream about me and my Fiance and a space shuttle

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A Dream about me and my Fiance and a space shuttle

Post by thenabell30 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:29 pm

This dream occured on what looked like an air field. I was walking right smack dab in the middle of it. There were planes that were taking off above my head. I noticed this one plane which looked like a space shuttle flying incontrollably. It would fly head first towards the ground and then quickly manuvere back up. It continued to do this. I was walking right by it as it was doing this. I then reached out and grabbed the tail of the space shuttle and stopped it from flying crazy because I knew there were people inside and I didnt want it to crash. So I grabbed it and layed it on the ground sideways. As soon as I layed it down people that were also standing outside began to yell Run!! Run!! its going to blow!! So in an instant I started to run away from it and the engine on the space shuttle started shooting out fire as if it were going to take off. The fire was right behind me but it never reached me. I ran inside to a nearby building and stood in the doorway to see if it was going to explode. Then I see my fiance standing outside and he begins to pray. The words that I distinctly heard was "By the Power Invested in Me" then the ground began to shake and rumble and the space shuttle started to lift slowly off the ground in an up right position, then it moved through the air and landed upright on top of the building that I was in. I run inside the building with my fiance and we see the space shuttle fall through the roof straight into the middle of a huge evergreen tree. It did not destroy the tree but yet enveloped the shuttle. The shuttle was still upright.I walked up to the shuttle and removed the branches from in front of a clear door that lead into the shuttle. I could see the people inside, they were soo happy and in a rush to get out. My fiance wanted to pray for each person as they left the shuttle, and give them another miracle and blessing. In order for him to do that I tapped on the door of the shuttle to get the peoples attention so they would be calm and quite as they exited the shuttle and to receive what else God had for them.

This was a very powerful dream, Im still seeking the Lord on an intrepretation on this.

God Bless You

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Re: A Dream about me and my Fiance and a space shuttle

Post by usemeLord on Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:11 am

I would definately say this is a very powerful dream, sounds like your fiancee is being given power by the all powerful god, can't wait for God to divulge the meaning.

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