A Dream about my pastor and his son

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A Dream about my pastor and his son

Post by thenabell30 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:16 pm

The dream setting was in a bathroom. The pastors son was teaching us. I can clearly remember me and my children being present. There was a bathtub filled with water and the pastor was explaining to us what to do when your bathtub has a leak. Water was leaking out at the bottom onto the floor. The pastor was sweeping the water into a drain that was on the floor. Then the pastor lights a cigar and blows smoke into the fire alarm to try and set it off. As he is doing this he gets a call from his Father the senior pastor and he tells him that the house is on fire and that he and his mother have left but for him to continue teaching. Next it goes on to a different scene. Its an areial view of their big house and its up in flames. Then it explodes. I can then hear reporters saying that this is the biggest explosion they have seen. At that point the dream comes to an end.

If Im not mistaken I beleive a bathtub means birthing, but Im not sure

Love and Blessings
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Re: A Dream about my pastor and his son

Post by unaday* on Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:38 am

It almost sounds like the pastor likes to give instruction to the people but does not heed instruction from his Father -which is God. God is symbolized thru the SENIOR - more AUTHORATIVE pastor. I believe that in his 'good will doing' he is ignoring obvious warnings about his church that God is giving him. This is a warning that your pastor must take heed! You need to pray for him.

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