The Throne Room

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The Throne Room

Post by Whitestone on Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:10 pm

The Throne Room
In the middle of our worship time at church, my eyes were closed and I began to focus on the majesty of God and I began to feel a strong urge to lower my head and to bow before Him in worship.

As I began to bow suddenly I no longer was in the same place as when I began to worship It was as though I had been snatched out of the room I was in and now found myself in huge courtyard.

As I entered further into this huge place, I saw 12 men to my left dressed in olive green robes. They each were dressed in the same unique clothing and they were smiling as if they knew something was about to happen. They never said a word; they just stood there in silence.

As I turned my attention away from the 12 men, I saw a very large and wide golden structure reaching up for what must have been over a 200 feet.

As my eyes followed this golden structure all the way to the top I saw what looked like the form of a man standing at the summit and looking at me as I walked into the room.

As my eyes scanned back down towards the bottom of this structure I saw an opening the size of two double doors and inside the entrance there where red-hot coals of fire that burned brightly.

As I paused to look at the coals, someone dressed in a white robe, and who wore a large white white headpiece, crossed my path of vision and approached the opening at the base of the golden structure. In his hands was a long rod with a spoon at the end.

When he reached the opening he inserted the rod into the opening and turned his hand to drop a substance from the spoon onto the coals of fire.

As he did this a mist would form and this mist would rise up the golden structure much like smoke in a chimney. When he completed his task he turned and came again to the opening much like the first and performed the same act.

Over and over He would come and perform the same function.

After seeing the same act being performed over and over I began to look back up to the top of the large golden structure to see if I could still see the person at the top.

To my surprise the mist that I had seen form at the base of the structure was now coming up before the form of a man at the top and the mist surrounded him like a cloud.

I began to ask, " What is this I am seeing?" Before I could get the words out of my mind, an answer came rushing back saying " These are the prayers of the saints being offered upon the coals of purification and they come up before me."

As I walked closer to the massive structure, I saw that there was a great walkway much like a ramp that led to the top of the structure. I began to feel a need to ascend up the ramp that led to the summit of this huge throne.

As I began to walk up the ramp, I suddenly began to feel the weight of sin in my life. I knew I did not deserve to be in this Holy Place. Every step became more and more difficult and I began to weep uncontrollably.

As the weight of my sin grew, I began to say to myself that I truly am a wicked man. Fear now began to come upon me as I realized I was known for who I was. I began to fear greatly.

Then, suddenly, just as quickly as I had felt the weight of sin, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of love that was beyond human understanding. I no longer felt any sin or fear. All I could feel now was wave after wave of love coming towards me as though I was at a beach and the waves of water were rushing upon me. Just at that moment I understood "Perfect love casts out all fear".

I cried out to God "How can you love me this much"?

At this point I fell on my face and began to crawl. Now, instead of a weight of sin slowing me in my efforts to reach the top, the weight of this wonderful love humbled me.

"When I finally reached the summit of the throne, I began to slowly lift my head up to see the one who was standing there when suddenly my eyes saw someone whose feet had been pierced.

At this point it all came together and I began to weep again at the reality of what was happening to me and the fact that there before me was the Lord. I knew the reality of the cross.

The holes in his feet were not little ones. No, surely large spikes caused them. The magnitude of what I was now seeing with my eyes was more than I could contain. I crumbled and wept greatly.

"Here before me stood the Holy Lamb of God and I was speechless. All I could now think of was," Why did you have to die on a cross like that".

Then I heard Him say, "I did this because I love you." Then the Lord reached down and took my left hand and placed something into my palm and closed it.

Later, after I was able to, I opened my hand to see a little white stone with writing and words engraved. Then I heard the Lord say "Now go your way"."

At this point I found myself back in the room where the experience had originally begun. I was speechless and had to sit down.

After I was able to, I began to pray the Lord for confirmation in His word for what had happened to me. I needed something to back up what had happened to me. "Lord, give me something to help explain what happened today!"

A gentle voice then spoke to my heart to turn to the book of Revelation, and as I opened my bible, the pages opened to chapter 2 verse 17. It reads, "To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it."

How perfect it all now seemed! What a gift! The vision and the understanding seared my consciousness. I knew that I had been given an awesome experience and one that I had to share with others.

I now have a deeper understanding of the holiness of the Lord and the magnitude of the love He has for His people.

That even our prayers must be purified before they can come before the Lord gives us a little glimpse into the beauty and Holiness of the Lord. He truly is Holy.

How careless we have become as a people. How casual and reckless are the prayers of an unholy people. How careless are some of the prayers that reach heaven's gate and are poured out onto the coals of purification. Where is the fear of the Lord and the spirit of worship that truly belongs to our God?

I offer this to you today in hopes that it will stir your heart to approach the great and living God with a greater sense of reverence and understanding.

He not only awaits your prayer, he awaits your fellowship.

Press on my brothers and sisters. Press on into the holy presence of the Lord.

Boldly come before him with clean hands and a clean heart. Offer up to him the praise of a grateful heart. Embrace His love and be careful to thank Him for all that He has done for you. Be yourselves holy even as He is holy.

God bless you richly.

Whitestone / Jon
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Re: The Throne Room

Post by hind'sfeet on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:19 pm


When Yahweh is working on me about something it will be something I start wondering and thinking about sometimes even vaguely (like it's on the tip of my thoughts type thing, not quite an actual thought) and lately I've been having thoughts about praying and not having reckless prayers. I don't like being reckless or careless at all and I'm not sure what you mean by casual.
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Re: The Throne Room

Post by usemeLord on Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:10 am

What an awesome awe inspiring sight. I have many times asked for my white stone. Bless you for sharing.

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Re: The Throne Room

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