Being Trapped

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Being Trapped

Post by chica4christ on Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:14 pm

I had a HORRIBLE dream last night and it just confirms my
spiritual state
I dreamed that I was with a group of friends and we went to a beautiful
house that was just absolutely amazing. We walked through the whole
house and at the end the person "we" or "I" trusted going into the
house somehow got us into a room and trapped us by putting a cage over
us and it fell from the top and didn't see it coming. The next thing I
know is that we are under mind control and had to do everything this
person said and I felt so hopeless. I then woke up with the word in my
head "mind control". And everything I've been doing in my spiritual
state the enemy has had complete ruling over my mind, body and soul.
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