A sequel of falling in love with my teacher.

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A sequel of falling in love with my teacher.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:13 pm

K this is interesting I have had the same kind of dream before as if this is a part two to the other dream. Same surroundings and same sequel and same guy. I am wondering why this is a part two dream months later.


I was living in the country and going to school in the country. My teacher who was my age decided to take us on a field trip some where in the country. As were driving on our way back to the school I was looking for I think my coat on the bus and getting ready to get off the bus at school. So we pull up in front of the school to get off the bus and we have choice to go home or eat in the cafeteria at school. I decide to eat in the cafeteria and all the other tables were taken except the table where my teacher is sitting and eating lunch. So we say hi to each other and then we eat and it is quiet for awhile as we are eating. Then we start talking to each other and then we joke and tease each other as new lovers would. He was fun and very playful like myself and then we decide to take a walk outside in the sun and we are in the country just enjoying being with one another and we had an ice dream cone in our hands and he accidentally hit my ice cream and knocks it out of the cone, and he felt so bad he said I am so sorry. I said it is okay and then there is this ice cream stand he walks over and he buys something and sticks it underneath his brown jacket and he is smiling at me an then he pulls out this gallon of chocolate ice cream smiling. I am laughing cause he is so cute and he says this is cause I messed your ice cream up and I said it was okay with a smile. Then he reached down so romantically and kissed me tenderly on my lips. I knew there was love brewing between us. Then He jokingly tells me to call his cousins and tell them the news that we are dating.I said no, you call them they are your cousins. He smiled teasingly and said okay I will but, first will you go out with me and date me? I said yes...

Yes the bummer part was I woke up.lol I said to the Lord this morning only if he were real and it was true.
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