Chased by timber wolves

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Chased by timber wolves

Post by hind'sfeet on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:55 am

I had this dream between middleschool and junior high.

It was a middle of winter setting and gray outside and the grass was brown which was normal for me irl. IRL I'm from Oklahoma and nothing is green in the winter.
I was at an open faced stable that had a few stall inside. It was homemade of wood. IRL my aunts horse stall was also homemade of wood but it was only two or three stalls and open face with no gates. The one in my dream was a little bigger. I don't remember if I was already at the stable or if I was chased and came to the stable. Timber wolves were after me and I jumped onto the horse bareback. I was scared to death and the wolves were jumping up onto the horse trying to get me, the horse reared and jumped over a rail to get out. The wolves were chasing us but we were faster. I woke up after that.
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