Is there a wrong way to love Jesus? Help!

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Do you think Jesus can be loved affectionately as one would love their spouse (although not sexually)?

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Is there a wrong way to love Jesus? Help!

Post by +<>< on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:39 am

For anyone who wants to answer:

Is there possibly a wrong way or extent to love Jesus? I've been in love with Him for the past near five years and am not sure if my feelings for Him are wrong to have. I feel very affectionate for Him, but definitely not to the extent that some people I've heard take this. How can I know if I'm wrong? It did feel very awkward at first, but eventually it seemed beautiful. I can't directly hear from God to know if this upset or pleased Him.

Too, I know that there are various ways that the Song of Solomon is interpreted. Besides that, there are many other biblical references to God/Christ being our Husband or the Bridegroom. Jesus is supposed to be everything to us, right? Most people tend to put their relationship with Him in a box, but I feel like I was willing to take mine out of this box. I just wish I was confident with my choice (that it's alright).


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Re: Is there a wrong way to love Jesus? Help!

Post by jwhita on Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:52 pm

Honey, love Jesus as much as you can. As you get older may your love grow even more. Be WILD for Jesus! He will let you know if you do anything wrong. The trouble most have is losing their love for Jesus and having to repent. Our other relationships are all shadows of the real thing.
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