Breast Cancer Dream - evangelism

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Breast Cancer Dream - evangelism

Post by RnestseekR on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:50 am

I had this dream this last thursday night:

I dreamed I had breast cancer. I looked down and noticed my R upper breast was puckered. When I touched where it was puckered, it split open and I told my husband - I have breast cancer. We need to get to the doctor. For whatever reason, we detoured and went to Minesota instead of going to the doctor. I looked down at my breast again and saw that it was cut open and dissected into many slices. The cancer had grown - out towards my arm pit and was quite large. I said again, "I have breast cancer. It has grown. We need to get to a doctor." The dream ended with me roller skating with a childhood friend of mine but we were both adults.

In real life:
The next day, Friday, I went to a PTA function at the kids school. I ran into someone I had met in early October. At that time, she had a new baby and had just quit her job to stay at home. She expressed concern at that time about making friends, so I made a point to stop and talk with her. Guess what?!?! She has breast cancer! In the right upper part of the breast. She's had a double mastectomy and 2 rounds of 6 of chemo. Then radiation. Then hysterectomy. The cancer had spread to the lymph nodes (located in the arm pit) and she had an advanced stage 3A breast cancer. I had no idea she had been through all of this.

I am now hoping to get a chance to serve her in some way. She has my e-mail and phone number. I am going to call her soon to just to check in. Because of the dream, my senses were hyper-alert as she shared her news with me. I can see how scared she is. I want to share Christ with her. Please pray that her heart will be open to receiving him - her and her whole family.

As for me, the dream has given me confidence to move forward in claiming this friend for Christ. We will see how the Spirit opens doors and works to make that happen. At the very least, I am praying for her. I am hoping, though, to be able to show Christ's love to her and I pray that she will be open to accepting that display of love. For me, I would have served her anyways, I would have prayed for her anyways, but there is a burn and a confidence in me that I would not have had otherwise.

Why do I continue to be amazed when God tells or shows me something that I had no way of knowing on my own??? I fully believe He knows the future and yet when He tells me the future or tells me something I could not have known in any other way, I am still struck with awe. Silly me! Amazing Him!!! I will post again when she is saved!!!
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Re: Breast Cancer Dream - evangelism

Post by hind'sfeet on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:28 am

i prayed for her and too. looking forward to your repost!!!
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