Training for a heist/event-money given-afflicted woman revived-given an estate?

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Training for a heist/event-money given-afflicted woman revived-given an estate?

Post by SWS on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:38 am

There is a group that travels together, 2-3 men and a woman, they are wanting to do this big event, it's some huge heist. The woman wants me part of their team. They spend hours training me, going over plans, teaching me. The lady walks me into the bank "signs me up" in my name, gets 8000 dollars for me and Ihold on to it. I'm thinking this isn't my money, I don't want this money it doesn't belong to me. I decide I don't want to go forward with this group and my husband I and go on a trip... we are in this large place like a large hotel/marketplace, an FBI agent comes in our room asking questions about this large heist that just happened(obviously without me). I'm giving him what I know, but want to talk about the Lord instead. He points at my writing blog ministry and says so this is what your about and I say yes absolutely. I'm waiting for him to ask me for the money so I can give it back. I don't want it. I didn't take it, it was handed to me.

He leaves.

We go back home but there is a residence attached or close that I am drawn to. It is huge, palacial, every elegant thing there, high ceilings, curved walls but very dim. The woman who lives there is in a bed with netting all around her, she is sickly and never moves from this bed. I go and speak to her.. I end up telling her about her son or reminding her of a son, a young boy. The next time I see her the place is bright like an ocean view of grand light pushing through illuminated by the sun only. It is breezy the soft curtains blowing. She is up and smiling and says she has another home and wants to live her life with her son. She says take my house I have another and everything in it.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration- I pray the Lord leads you if you have any insight

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