Rapid, rushing waters a 2 part short dream

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Rapid, rushing waters a 2 part short dream

Post by angelwingz on Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:43 am

ok, bare with me....I was in a raft on rapids - rushing water - it was
daytime..i was in this raft(boat) just looking at the rushing waters..i
remember thinking well, its ok, im safe ..i am inside the boat! scene
switched to an area that i thought was a calm ocean...but when i looked
around i saw a man to my left that climbed up on top of either a
building or object due to the massive water..i also saw another man
about 20 feet away from this man who also climbed on top of an
object...i believe it was a form of concrete....i am still in this raft
and i look down and I said there it is the shark! (wow this made jaws
look like a minnow! lol) it looked like a whale but as i understood in
my dream it was a shark....i said there it is ..its underneath us! I
wasn't scared. Anyway, a woman who was on a raft said to me that the
men were mad at her because she didnt let them on her raft....Part 2 -
I am in a bathroom....I see this tan foreigner(i say this because i knew he was from another counrty) ..I dont even think he
is from our time because of the way he was dressed....he had animal
skins of some sort covering his ah hem man parts...that was all he was
wearing....and i knew he was young(about 16-18) anyway...(this is a wee
bit embarrassing, he he) ok so he stuck his tongue in my mouth....im
observing this..it wasn't sexual...then a little chain appeared(the
kind you would see on a thin necklace or bracelet) and it was hooked
with a little circle to my tooth(mouth) i believe i was hooked to
him...then i opened the little circle(metal) but flexible and removed
it from my mouth. The end
I just thought this was a very weird dream! Any thoughts any body? i hope i didnt forget anything....
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