Something landing on my right foot severed off my toes...

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Something landing on my right foot severed off my toes...

Post by Linda Irish on Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:09 pm

My daughter had a prophetic dream. She and I were together when something fell from the sky and hit my right foot. My toes were severed off and blood was everywhere.....My daughter tried to apply pressure to stop the bleeding but was torn because she also wanted to gather up my toes to take me to the hospital to attach them. She said that it was traumatizing to her because if she left me to gather up the toes I might lose too much blood and die.....but she did not want to miss the oportunity to make me whole.......she awoke in distress.

I see that she in real life is close with me and wants the best for me but We are older and settled and all is well. She is a young happily married wife and mom very much in love with her husband and happy with her life. Not sure what this dream ,means does anyone have some Godly insite?

thanks....Linda Irish........................God Bless

Linda Irish
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Re: Something landing on my right foot severed off my toes...

Post by Halo on Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:37 pm

Linda~ When toes are severed from a foot it causes an ''imbalance''.....that's a fun little fact is'nt it? What the Lord is using here is symbolism for something that is yes you are right this dream is prophetic. Due to the contents of the dream the Lord is giving a warning to make the right (right-foot) decision that often cause a balance or a wrong decision that cause and imbalance. When pressure is applied to us, it is very distressful as to wheather or not we are doing the right thing with putting our right foot forward that will cause us to be stable in whatever the situation may be (finances, children, church). Decisions are tramatizing because we all to often do not know the out-come. I believe the Lord is wanting to give your daughter ''wise-councel'' pertaining to wisdom and knowledge on some matters that are at hand or a matter that is an up-coming event that will require her to seek advice in order to be victorious and an over-cummer so the opportunity is not missed but obtained.

God Bless,
Sister Halo

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