Camp ground-ex fiance'

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Camp ground-ex fiance'

Post by Amanda Taylor289 on Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:38 am

I remember it started with my old friend Sarah sitting on the edge of a bed and I was kinda sitting at her feet and she was showing me and some younger kids a stack of pictures of me and my ex fiance'.I looked at them and said hey that's of me and Bobby,she said yes and continued to show them.I got up and walkd out of what it looked like to be small brown camp cabin.and I was at a camp site and then Bobby my ex walkd up to me with his brother victor and he said where have you been I've been looking for you.I said with a snotty attitude why where you looking for me?he grabed my hand and said I want to talk to you,I said ok???and he said it was a big mistake to leave yoiu and I want to get married and be engaged again.I looked at him with this weird disbeliefe look on my face.then victor left because he was all upset and then Bobby took me in this black or dark gray big SUV truck and sat me in the front seat.holding my hand and saying I'm so happy I love you so much he leaned in to kiss me and I backed away so he just blew it off.he said wer guna start and new life together and we were driving around the camp ground it was all dirt roads and litlle fire pits put out all around the camp.then we stopd and he said I'll never talk to Cat again and I dont even know if this baby is mine.he answerd his phone and started to yell at this girl Cat and she was crying on the other end.I got out of the car and started to walk away he got out and he wad still talking on the phone I was crying and he yelld and said stay out of my life its over.just like that we were back getting engaged and it was over.then I woke up and when I fell back asleep I dreamt that I was on top of this big hill coverd in snow and I saw a big brown prison looking building to my right and then I started running down the hill in the snow I was running after someone I couldnt see the mans back but he never lookd back at me.when I made it to the bottom of the hill I turned around and lookd at this big brown building and I lookd like a big castle and I woke up.

[so just a little insite I was engaged to a man and with him for 3 years and he left me out of no where for some 18 year old girl and he got her pregnant and he still calls me and txts me somtimes I blow him off and all I ever talk to him about is god because I live my life for the lord.I also dont talk to my old friend sarah after she stopd talking to me and became friends with Bobbys new girlfriend the one he got pregnant.they both broke my heart I felt so betrayed and hurt by them I really have no desire to speak to either of them but they were in my life for so long and I somtimes miss the life that I had when they were in my I still love him but I want gods perfect will for my life and I dont know what this means though so thank you and god bless]

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