running after truck

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running after truck

Post by Grace010 on Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:36 am

i have got a dream on my birthday. i was sitting at christian bookstore but my mind was somewhere else. suddenly i saw the big truck passing by and i started to get up and run after that truck. it amazed me bec the college name which i have asked lord in the prayer was appear in front of the truck. i kept running until a woman opened the door of truck and i asked her if i run after the right one. the woman said to me Yes today the heaven has declared and i was glad to hear about that but when i look back in front of truck i saw the label of university was gone:S i thought how could it be? it was stil there when i run after the truck. after that i woke up and brought in the prayer. i kept asking myself what does it mean? i know that running means Faith but the rest? can somebody help me to interpret my dream through the leading of Holy Spirit? i really desperate to find out the meaning of this dream.
since i have prayed earnestly concerning this and i dont want to make wrong decission.

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