Dream about money

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Dream about money

Post by axoiamthatiam on Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:19 pm

I had a dream I was eatting at a restaurant, and I was at a round table, and I don't know who was sitting with me but I think it was some of my family, but at the table in front of me my uncle and aunt were sitting there, and my aunt had her purse sitting on the edge of the table, as I was getting up to leave a lady was following her husband out the door and as she was she dropped a big stack of cash out of her purse on my aunts purse, I hurried over and grabbed the cash and tried to give it back to the lady that dropped it, as I was trying to get her attention she kept ignoring me on purpose, until she couldn't ignore me anymore and then she told me to keep the money, that she dropped it on purpose, for me to have it, and she left, and I went back into the restaurant and told my uncle and aunt what happened and since the money fell on their purse that it should be theirs and they refused to take the money and told me to keep it, and they seemed to be happy. I don't know where but I went somewhere to count the stack of cash, I remember that it was mainly all 10's and some 20's, I seemed to have a difficulty counting it, and had to retry counting it several times, I remember getting maybe around $110 in 10s and somewhere like in the $200s in 20s, when I was going through the 20s some of them were fake, I was upset at first but then I thought they were kind of cool, I did find some 100 dollar bills but they were all fake, and I found one 2 dollar bill, it seemed that I was given at least $500 and I was thinking what I could do with the money and I thought I could use it to pay off the $500 I owe my dad, but I can't remember I think I might of had more than $500. But the dream doesn't feel like it has anything to do with owing my dad money because it isn't a big issue, I would like it to be done, but it isn't heavy on my heart.

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