Please Help Interpret?

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Please Help Interpret?

Post by axoiamthatiam on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:59 pm

I had a dream about Mac Powell the lead singer of Third Day, which he is my favorite singer and thats my favorite band, but here is the dream:

I dreamed Mac Powell came to my church on a Wednesday night, and he showed up early and went ahead and did his performance even though nobody was there and it was outside, and then me and him walked into the church cause it was time for it to start and we set in the room with everyone else, and he was like one of us regular people at the church, everyone knew who he was, but nobody gave him really any special attention, and I never saw the rest of the band there but it felt or I assumed they were there. This dream is different than my other dreams cause it feels it means something, the only thing I feel it has something to do with is my desire for a wife, but I don't know if that is right, and if it was why a guy was used? Please help thank you, Tyler

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