Why am I at the -DRY CLEANERS?

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Why am I at the -DRY CLEANERS?

Post by diamondsfromheaven on Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:18 pm

Greetings! I have had two dreams....of which the word or reference to me was "I am at the dry cleaners."

Part I- There was a man with Brown eyes and hair long to the shoulders..he was very busy training men and women. For a combat situation/007 stuff. Fighting with swords, acrobat movements, etc (they were wearing joging suits). Like they were in the FBI, etc. I was watching: We went from a plane tactic to a boat tactic (high-tech boat) 2 wheels man on one side and a woman on the other, but the trainor in the middle. I was in the back of the speed-boat observing) to an office tactic. All were about training except the office it was me and him (I was watching these men and women and wondering if i was next to be trained). The last segment in the office background the leader or trainor was at a table top and -was putting all these items up a shoot like at the drive up teller as fast as he could - It was going up the shoot. I was just observing....

The following week regarding dry cleaning:
Part II- I was at the store/dry cleaners with my daughter who is about to be 2years old and I noticed a laundry shoot but it went down in the floor were all the laundry was being cleaned . There was this woman with light hair and fair complexion. I said to Elizabeth becareful...of course she slid down the shoot, but the woman was not alarmed. I could hear elizabeth finally make it to the bottom (i was thinking this is bad) but she was stirring and we were going to get her and I woke up.

What does Dry cleaners mean??

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