A dream about my help/ideas being rejected/stolen-burglary-then healing

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A dream about my help/ideas being rejected/stolen-burglary-then healing

Post by SWS on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:29 am

I dream I walk into this building, kind of like an old school gymnasium/auditorium, where there is like a foyer/entry way in front. There is a huge receptionist window opening, like a doctors office. I go up, I am small in size almost childsize compared to this window. I reach up to the woman and say "I'd like to help. Here are some of my ideas" I hand her 4 ink stamps. I sit down and wait and understand it is my church or a church. She looks at what I brought and says" no thanks we can't use your help" She goes to hand me back my stamps but is hiding one from me. She is stalling to give it back to me, and is using my stamp/idea before she hands it back. I finally ask her for the 4th one and she hands it back. This stamp was stamped in red ink and it read "I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me".

I grabbed the stamps and went to step into the sanctuary/church/auditorium and as I stood in the door I realized I didn't want to be there. I walk out and set out on the street. I'm walking down the street and realize there are 2 people following me and they are going to rob me. I flung my purse strap across my body. The man says he wants money. I say fine, I open my wallet and see a small bundle of ones and a five dollar bill. He sees the five and asks for it, I say here. I realize there are two fives and offer the other one to the lady who is with him. they look at eachother is disbelief and almost laugh at what I've done. I keep walking, they stay where they were.
I move on in this journey on foot. I come to a building. There is a very sick and very pregnant girl, they are riding the elevator to the doctors office. I follow them. The mom is sitting on the opposite side of her sick pregnant daughter. I ask if I could pray for her daughter. The girl looks deathly, like a movie. I lay hands in Jesus name and she recovers. I leave and continue to my journey on foot.
Dream ends.

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