Any revelation on this?

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Any revelation on this?

Post by aliveforjesus on Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:26 am

I really believe this dream was from God..Any revelation on this?

I am at a beach, running and jumping in the waves with a bunch of girlfriends...I like the feel of the wet sand...

I am then staring down at a bowl which contains orange liquid, looks just like carrot juice..(which is not odd, I just bought carrot juice and poured some for the kids..)

I want to have sex with my husband, and in the dream, something continually stops us from having sex...
(I have heard that dreams about sex typically are not about sex! :))

next thing is I am at a women's bible study and a gal across the table says to me "You really wanted to finish college didn't you?" and I say "Yes" and start to cry because it was a dream I never fulfilled..(always desired to go into law..)..this is not strange though because I just had a girlfriend yesterday tell me she was finishing her degree and wonder if this is related to that!!

If any of you have revelation, I would really appreciate hearing about it!!

Thank you so much!!

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Re: Any revelation on this?

Post by immortalservant on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:50 pm

It just looks as though some feelings you are experiencing are coming out in your dreams. The regret of not finishing college may turn to regret. Then regret can lead to resentment which may cause you to lose intimacy with your husband or with God.
Sometimes sex can just mean intimacy and your husband can represent God.
Pray to God about the feelings you are experiencing maybe you were supposed to finish school and you didn't but maybe God had other plans. He will reveal them to you and help cleanse you. He is showing you to be open and honest with Him. Become intimate and don't let anything stop you from that. Orange can represent God's encouragement and purification. He wants to purify your inner thoughts and feelings.
Just some thoughts please pray!!!
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